Issue 4: 2 February 2016

    Mayor called on to issue viability guidance

    London mayor Boris Johnson must lay down the law on viability assessments, to stop developers wriggling out of affordable housing commitments across London. That’s the view of the London Assembly Planning Committee, which has reiterated its call for Johnson to issue Supplementary Planning Guidance on viability assessments. Greater clarity is needed to agree on methodologies [...]

    Electric transformation in London

    Several London boroughs are to test out the impact of further encouraging the take-up of electric cars. Of £40m committed by government to Go Ultra Low initiatives across the UK, £13m will be spent on projects around the capital. Technologies including rapid charging hubs and charging points on streetlights are promised, while electric car owners [...]

    Housing challenge laid bare for new mayor

    London’s next mayor will need to make tough decisions about housing provision, balancing density, high rise development and expansion beyond current boundaries to meet demand. A report from the London Assembly’s Planning Committee has warned that simply opting for “up or out” is to miss some of the key options for managing the growth of [...]

    City in the East airport battle

    Green party London mayor candidate Sian Berry has revealed her party’s plans to close London City airport, and replace it instead with a new settlement. Berry says that a developed site would “create at least 16,000 more jobs than the airport provides” and could be the site for thousands of new homes. A visual drawn [...]

    Report details public sites across London

    The London Land Commission has launched the first ever register of public land in London. The document, which lists 40,000 sites across the capital, has been called the Domesday Book of pbblic land, and holds details of property with the potential for 130,000 homes. The register has been made available as an interactive map on [...]