Issue 36: 4 November 2016

    Contrasting solutions to healthcare

    Two recently approved health projects point out substantially different approaches to developing hubs of expertise in the UK’s medical sector. In Harley Street, central London, Westminster planners have approved the installation of a new cancer treatment centre, which will see landlord Howard de Walden convert existing buildings at 141 and 143 Harley Street, and the [...]

    Plan to support creative industries

    Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he will explore the concept of a Creative Land Trust to help support the capital’s artists with affordable workspace. He revealed he is working with Studiomakers, a group of entrepreneurs who came together earlier this year to look for ways to maintain artists and creatives in the city, as rising [...]

    TfL looks to get its housing on track

    Transport for London is looking to the capital’s smaller developers and self builders, in a bid to get development of its surplus estate up to speed. Despite having a framework of large scale development partners already in place, the organisation’s property director Lester Hampson said it would not be until early 2019 that the first [...]

    Gensler floats parliament replacement

    Architects Gensler have proposed an innovative floating solution for the challenge of refurbishing the Houses of Parliament. Their scheme, nicknamed Project Poseidon, would create a temporary floating parliament building to be accommodate MPs while their existing facilities are repaired and upgraded. It could save over £1.8 billion, compared with some alternative proposals under consideration, says [...]

    Heathrow expansion takes a step forward

    A decision from the government that favours expanding Heathrow airport with an additional runway has been met by delight from business organisations, and fresh demands from objectors. London mayor Sadiq Khan has called the decision “wrong for London and Britain”, while his mayoral rival Zak Goldsmith has resigned his Conservative seat and will fight to [...]