Issue 35: 27 October 2016

    Developers urged to “get involved” in neighbourhood forums

    Developers have been ordered to ‘get involved’ in Westminster’s 15 Neighbourhood Forum by deputy leader and cabinet member for the built environment Robert Davis because when the council starts receiving substantial CIL receipts, in about 18 months’ time, some 15% of this will be given to the forums. The local plans being produced by the [...]

    Calls for Green Web to develop capital

    London needs to replace its Green Belt with a Green Web, to allow for growth and to build enough new homes to meet demand. A new report commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Group for London’s Planning and Built Environment, published by the London Society and revealed at LPA’s inaugural London’s New Politics of Planning [...]

    A new London Plan is coming

    Hints of what might emerge in the new London Plan, which is being prepared by the GLA for launch in 2019, were unveiled by Colin Wilson, the GLA’s Strategic Planning Manager, at LPA’s Conference. The pressure is clearly on at the GLA to more clearly direct boroughs as to how they can accommodate the growth [...]

    Redefining the density debate

    Architects and urban planners should focus less on density, and expend more effort on creating livable spaces. And policy needs to be simpler, less wordy – and implemented by a more professionally-drawn set of decision makers. That was the view of a panel of experts assembled at LPA’s Politics of Planning conference, who agreed that [...]

    More homes please – and fast

    How will London accelerate the construction of the housing that the capital desperately needs? At LPA’s Politics of Planning conference, a panel of experts came up with plenty of suggestions for mayor Sadiq Khan, and his deputy James Murray, to consider. With the scale of the problem not in dispute ever since the 2011 census [...]