Issue 33: 7 October 2016

    Old Oak sets out CIL rates

    The Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) has revealed its intended Community Infrastructure Levy charges, as it starts to receive further development applications for the west London zone. The highest proposed rate is £250 per sq metre, for student housing developments. Other general residential is proposed at £175, while retirement housing attracts a lower [...]

    Broadgate makeover continues

    City planners have approved the next phase of the redevelopment of the Broadgate office area, on the northern boundary of the Square Mile. The approval means that office blocks at numbers 2 and 3 Finsbury Avenue will be demolished, and replaced with far taller new blocks, further densifying the Broadgate estate. The new blocks will [...]

    Londoners leave as costs mount

    There are worrying signs that the high cost of housing in London are pushing key groups into relocating outside the capital. An analysis of figures from the Office for National Statistics, undertaken by campaign group Generation Rent, concludes that in the year to June 2015, London experienced a net loss of 77,520 people. This figure, [...]

    River crossings make progress

    Plans for a series of new and improved river crossings have been outlined, as the Silvertown Tunnel plans go out to public consultation. Plans for a pedestrian bridge linking Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf are to be accelerated. While a decision on whether the bridge will lift or swing aside for river traffic has yet to [...]

    Unlocking potential from big housing estates

    London’s large council estates could deliver up to 160,000 new homes, if they were to be redeveloped in denser formats. That’s the claim of a new report that has unravelled the issues around the current estates, dotted on sites around greater London. However, researchers at the Centre for London conclude that subsidies would be needed, [...]