Issue 3: 26 January 2016

    YMCA’s affordable home initiative

    Charity YMCA has taken a lead in creating affordable accommodation for the young people it helps. But the modular housing initiative has already come up against London’s minimum housing standards, which mean the new homes struggle to achieve a permanent housing planning consent. The initiative has created YCube, a new small flat that is factory [...]

    Site rethink for affordable homes

    Finding development land at the right price, is the overwhelming hurdle to developing more affordable homes in London. That was the unanimous view of housing sector experts called to provide advice to the Housing Committe of the London Assembly in January. A range of alternative models are available to provide housing at a range of [...]

    Town centres need combined approach

    Fragmented ownership and poor asset management are hobbling the ability of British high streets to adapt. But that could all be about to change, if a recent pilot project supported by the British Property Federation is taken seriously. A new report showed that an approach using Town Centre Investment Management can help unlock investment, and [...]

    City in the East revives Royal dreams

    There are hopes that the Royal Docks will finally see substantive development, after the last 20 years of advances in fits and starts. According to mayor Boris Johnson’s City in the East vision, the Royals has the potential to deliver 15,000 homes and up to 40,000 jobs, predominantly out of the development of four key [...]

    Westminster CIL is formally agreed

    Westminster City Council has agreed the amounts it will charge under the Community Infrastructure Levy, from May 2016. The authority is one of the last to enact its CIL, but also one of the busiest boroughs with the potential to have the greatest impact on development in the capital, should the charging levels spook developers. [...]