Issue 22: 23 June 2016

    Pedestrianisation for Oxford Street

    London’s Oxford Street is set to be pedestrianised – though a plan for the change has yet to be fully drawn up. A June meeting of the GLA’s transport committee revealed some conflicting views of the future – and how to get there. While there has been plenty of discussion over the years about the [...]

    Croydon looks to play its part

    London’s borough of Croydon has made a pitch to help solve the capital’s housing issues, as it seeks to transform its centre with an attractive new retail offer. Borough representatives were out in force at the recent London Real Estate Forum, laying down their plans for action to develop key sites. And their enthusiasm is [...]

    Galliard pleads poverty in Stratford

    Residential developer Galliard Homes has called for a £7.2m affordable housing payment to be cancelled on its Capital Towers development in Stratford, London E15. The company complains that costs have increased since it received permission, making the project barely viable. The move comes as the project is substantially under way, with most of the external [...]

    easyHotel finds going hard

    Super budget hotel operator easyHotel has appealed after failing to win retrospective permission to convert the second half of an Old Street office block into hotel rooms. The move comes after the hotelier previously used the appeal process to convert half of the building to a hotel in 2011. And the hardball approach sees it [...]

    Old Oak Common under pressure

    Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched a review of the body overseeing the regeneration of Old Oak Common, amid concerns that land transfer arrangements were not properly set up. The move comes as the responsible authority, the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, seeks greater powers to control planning in its area, by introducing an [...]