Issue 19: 3 June 2016

    Temporary housing bill escalates

    London boroughs are reckoned to have spent close to £500 million on temporary accommodation over the last 18 months, as they struggle to meet statutory requirements in London’s stressed housing market. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that five boroughs between them spent £216 million together over the period. Ealing and Haringey both topped [...]

    Khan’s concerns over Euston plans

    Camden residents are hoping new mayor Sadiq Khan will put paid to plans for a new rail terminus for the HS2 rail line at Euston. Khan has said he will be reviewing the current proposals, which see the Department of Transport planning the southern end of the line at Euston. However, comments from transport chiefs [...]

    Build to rent investors push for change

    A group of major built to rent investors has written to housing and planning secretary Brandon Lewis with three key proposals to encourage housebuilding, by supporting the development of the sector. Their open letter, backed by the Better Renting Campaign, has been signed by eleven companies active in the sector. Among the signatories is Andrew [...]

    Mayor encouraged to go pink on planning

    The new mayor has the wind behind him and needs to grasp a series of positive moves, to encourage a new wave of housebuilding in the capital. That’s the view of think tank the Centre for Policy Studies, which in new report that says the time is right to start addressing the shortfall in new [...]

    Pain before gain as traffic worsens

    Traffic congestion in London has increased substantially since the 2012 Olympic year, with a five mile journey on the streets now taking an average 30 minutes in central London, up 48% over the period. But the culprit appears largely to be roadworks and construction projects, according to a new report, while the rise of online [...]