London Planning Analyst is prepared by an experienced team, who formerly delivered the established City Planning and Westminster Planning subscription newsletters.

Lee mLee Mallett, editorial consultant

Lee, the creator of Greater London Publishing, is former publisher of City Planning and Westminster Planning, two acknowledged subscription publications that provided granular reporting of the planning decisions in these two, key areas of jurisdiction in the capital. Lee is also linked with the editorial team behind the successful Planning in London magazine, an invaluable publication for those interested in understanding the planning scenario across London’s boroughs.



Chris BChris Bown, editor

Chris was deputy editor of City Planning and a regular contributor to Westminster Planning. He also writes regularly on property matters for City AM newspaper, as a contributor to the Hot Property section, and to the newspaper’s associated Bespoke Living magazine. As deputy editor of Hotel Analyst, he has watch over investment and business activity in the global business of the hotel sector, covering UK and international markets.



Andrew SAndrew Sangster, publisher

Andrew’s ZeroTwoZero publishing business has more than a decade of experience in niche business information publishing, specialising in business publications that deliver high level analysis of the issues behind the headlines. In addition to Hotel Analyst, his first publication which has now been published continuously for 14 years, the portfolio now includes Retail Property Analyst, and London Planning Analyst. ZeroTwoZero also has a stable of established conferences servicing the same business intelligence needs as the publications.