• GLA calls for housing sites

Landowners and developers are being invited to submit sites for residential development, into a new study that will guide planners in assessing where the capital’s new homes get built.
The Call for Sites is part of the London Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, a study that will feed information into the next London Plan. It is being carried out in conjunction with local authorities around the capital. SHLAAs are regularly used around the UK, to provide information and evidence to feed into a local plan.
A simple online system is being used to encourage private, public and voluntary sector bodies to submit details. Sites need only be potential housing sites, and do not need planning permission, to be considered and included in plans. The SHLAA will have sites assessed through local planning authorities, to consider the capacity, availability, deliverability and their suitability for residential or mixed use development. Those sites with existing permissions need not be submitted, as they will automatically be included in the SHLAA study.
The SHLAA will consider only sites above 0.25ha in size, as part of their capacity planning; an aggregate is used to cover small sites. However, smaller sites can be submitted as they will then be included by local authorities in local plans.
The online system is available at https://maps.london.gov.uk/CallForSites/ with offline alternatives available, and a deadline of 30 June has been set for submissions to be received.

LPA Perspective: Here’s an opportunity to have your site assessed for its potential for residential development – what’s not to like?
The exercise will also give the capital’s planners valuable information about likely development capacity in the coming years, and will inform the debate about how high, and how dense, London will need to build to meet its growth needs.
The website is open access, so also provides an unrivalled opportunity to review potential residential development sites across London – both those already consented, and those submitted by hopeful future developers.

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